Young Mister is me, Steven Fiore, an established and not-so-established songwriter based in Tryon, North Carolina. These days, I spend a lot of time at home, writing and recording songs in Reunion Tour, my historic loft-turned-studio + guitar/skate shop, and sending them out into the world with no expectations whatsoever. The high points on this musical career path that led me to borderline early retirement at age 32 in a small mountain town include:

  • An 8 year stint as a writer for Universal Music Publishing Group

  • A strange, yet unforgettable co-writing experience with Art Garfunkel

  • Occasional guest appearances in Jeff Goldblum’s jazz band

  • Sharing the stage with the likes of Pete Yorn, Albert Lee, Lori McKenna, among others

  • 7.5 million (and counting) streams on Spotify

 "Sudden Swoon", the sophomore LP, was released September 13 on Refresh Records. 

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Coming to a town near you, fingers crossed.